Convenience Sourcing & Quotation Process
  • Sourcing a diverse range of products from trusted global suppliers

  • Access to over 22 profitable categories through a single platform

  • Transparent quotation process and clear results

  • 24/7 online support from our dedicated team

  • Support for POD products, white-label products, and customized branding products.

Product Management
  • Seamlessly importing products from your store or the GD platform with just one click

  • Effortlessly enabling bundling and importing them to the store with a few clicks

  • Access to regularly updated 'GD Selected' offerings, featuring trending, branding, and POD products

  • Access to multiple trending categories catalogues

  • Availability of customized giveaway products

Each product dispatched from our warehouse undergoes rigorous quality checks and repackaging to guarantee that only premium items are delivered to your esteemed end clients.

Applicable to ALL eCommerce merchants

Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Tik Tok Shop, and more

German Drop partners with a diverse array of suppliers worldwide, dedicated to providing our esteemed customers with a comprehensive product selection.

Each product is sourced from three suppliers, ensuring consistent quality and variety. While we prioritize sourcing from your preferred supplier, in the event of stock unavailability, we engage with secondary and tertiary suppliers to obtain pricing and inventory details.

Following negotiation, we will present you with the final results and offer advice. Ultimately, the decision to choose a supplier or terminate collaboration rests with you.

Experience German Drop Express Shipping

German Drop proudly ships 5k+ parcels per day with a 99% delivery rate! Have a look at our shipping efficiency on major destinations


7-30 days


6-10 days


6-10 days


5-8 days


6-10 days

The Netherlands

6-10 days


8-12 days


8-12 days

United States

7-12 days


10-15 days


10-14 days

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